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Need guidance!!

Hi my 12 year old son told me he master aged in class under his sweatshirt. First I was furious but I calmed down real quick and appreciated the honesty. I quickly told him that it’s not ok to do that in public and there are consequences. Lately I have been noticing him look down and when I ask what’s wrong he says your going to not like me so I rather not. When I ask him to tell me he states I was looking at you in a sexual way and I feel like a mad person for doing so. Now to go further back my son came to my crying one day that when he was about 5 or 6 his older cousin coerced him and his female cousin who was the same age as him to have sexual intercourse. That being said this is still bothering him now that he is older and he feels he has done the worse. Please help I don’t know what to do or where to turn.
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Absolutely, professional help needed. He was molested even if by another child, still molested.  He doesn't seem to recognize normal boundaries.  Mom, at school, in public?  None are okay.  So, work with a professional asap.
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Given what you say about what happened to him when he was young and how he's acting out, and admitting a sexual attraction to his Mom, I'd say it's time for professional counseling with a psychologist who specializes in pediatric psychology before this goes any further.  That's just my take on it, people do have wildly different sex drives, but if he's doing this in public and you know he was forced when too young to understand to engage in sex, and I'm going to say here, it's not clear that someone that young can actually perform, I assume some can and some can't, but he's not only trouble, he's also obsessed at a pretty early age.  It can't hurt to have him see someone who knows more about this.  Peace.
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I appreciate your feedback. Thank you. I have schedule for him to see someone professionally. I do want to tackle this while it’s still early.
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