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Niece's Anal Pain

I was bathing my 3 y/o niece and she kept saying her butt hurt when we washed it then when we were drying her she started crying like it hurt we checked and her bum was red but only inside the crack so i was wondering if there was any home remedies or should i be worried.
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   Any baby diaper rash ointment should work.  Vaseline also works pretty well.
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Ensure that her bottom is well cleaned after she has emptied her bowels (use a wet wipe and dry the bottom, or use a dampened toilet tissue paper).  Use the diaper rash ointment, Sudocrem or an ointment with zinc, your pharmacist will also be able to assist to help you choose one.

If the problem does not start to improve within a couple of days, get a doctor to check her over.  Sometimes soreness can be caused by a fungal infection.
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