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No Oral Aversion Dx

My 3 yr old son is 29 lbs and has been for a year.  He has grown a little taller but nothing to astonishing.  He is never dehydrated or loasing weight, so my pediatrician is never as concerned as I am that he does not eat.  I thin she thinks that I am exaggerating, but I am not.  He might eat some plain spaghetti, that's the only thing I can think of.  The biggest part of his intake if in fluids.  He only takes chocolate milk.  That is what keeps him hydrated.  When we finish up the chocolate milk, we don't buy any more and then he will drink little bits of whatever we have, but still not foods.   He will lick some marshmellows and lick grapes, that is it!  I really think he has an oral aversion.  I am a social worker in the community working with disabled children and adults.  I have a child client who does not have a swallowing difficulty, has a g-tube and has an oral aversion.  Should I push the issue with my pedicatrician?  
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Hi there,

I have a 5 year old who is only 28 lbs, so I hear you.  The poor kid can fit easily into 18 month shorts.  He wears a 3T shirt and 4T pants but I have to take the waist of the pants in to about an 18 month size because he is so skinny.

He also hasn't gained much weight in several years.  My ped has done every imaginable test on him and they can't figure out why he is so small.  He doesn't eat great, but he doesn't starve himself either.  His height is short as well, although he has grown every year so they don't think there is a genetic disorder and his HGH is fine.

I'm told that this is just the way he is and that as long as he is healthy otherwise, there is no need to worry.  I am still concerned about his lack of weight gain but there aren't any tests left I can do on him, so I suppose I'll keep giving him vitamins and encouraging him to eat!

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The most concerning aspect of what you wrote is that your son's weight has not changed for a year. If that is literally true you should push the issue. If he were continuing to grow and develop I would not be recommending pursuing the matter.
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