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"No touch" policy in kindergarten

Our kindergarten teacher decided to put in his personal "no touch" policy in his class, that means nobody touches no one, not during the lesson, nor during the playtime.i.e. kids can not touch each other all the time, they are in school. I disagree with him and he knows that. I think, that touching is part of child development, especially in age 4-5 . He explained this decision by different reasons, but finally he told he doesn`t want to take responsibility if somebody will get hurt during school day, and prefer kids will do not touch each other at all.

So, each time one of my boys do something wrong - push other kid, hug each other in a playground, he calls me to "small talk" and tells me again about importance of his "no touch" rule.But inhibit touch between kids in order to prevent injuries it`s like to stop breathing in order to stop smoking, or stop eating to lose weight? Maybe I`m wrong?  Could you, please, give me your professional opinion ?

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   The other thought is that, "its his rule!"  He has to enforce it!!  There is no way to do anything at home to either enforce it or teach it to your kids (if you don't believe in it).  At this age to change a behavior - it must be done immediately and consistently.  This is a very standard rule of changing child behavior at this age.
    When he calls you in for small talk - remind him that this is his rule.  There is no way you can help him, but thanks for the information.
     Professionally, as an ex-elementary school principal, he is very wrong.  It sounds to me like he has just gotten tired of dealing with all the touching problems and no longer wants to deal with it.  My first thought was that he is either very young or very old.  
      If he is adequately monitoring the kids he will not be held responsible if somebody is hurt (granted, it will be a pain for him to prove it).  My guess is that he doesn't monitor the kids as close as he should be.  Anyway, I agree with AnnieBrooke.  I would first talk to a few other parents - I doubt that you are the lone eagle here.  And then, all of you should go talk to the school principal.  Or you could be really nice and let the teacher know that this is what you intend to do, unless he changes policies.  The other thought is to find out if this trouble is only during recess.  Schools have been really cut back, and the lack of aides to help watch kids during recess can be a problem.  I doubt that you can get reliable people to volunteer to help out at this time, but it could help.
  Crud, I could go on with this forever.  If he wants to change their behavior not to do things like hitting.  That's cool, but he has to take the time to teach it.  To do things one step at a time, not some blanket policy.  Etc., etc., etc.  Good luck
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Is this just one teacher's policy, or is it the school's policy?  If it is the teacher's only, what does the school say about it?
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I am not a professional but a parent and I don't think that is such a bad idea. Less accidents and less germs passed...
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It's developmentally inappropriate for children to not be able to touch each other,  it's like making puppies not tussle together.  

Men make great high school teachers,  and junior high,  but I think it's very odd to have a man kindergarten teacher because well,  they don't really "get" small children.

Thus,  the bizarre policy of no touching.

Can your son be moved into a more reasonable classroom environment?
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It is ideed bizarre, I think you should find another school where humans are allowed to touch each other .
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I think you need to find out if this is a school policy or just the teacher's.  If it's just the teacher's then discuss it with the principal who may have no idea about his "rule." I think it's a rediculous rule and would not want my child in that environment.  I also feel it's laziness or paranoia on the teacher's part!
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