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Not following teachers direction and sometimes inattentive

my first grader is not following teachers direction, if he's having a hard time with school work,example like math  with coloring, he refuses to finish it,and sometimes so slow to do it, sometimes when teachers tell something to do,he can repeat exactly how the teachers said it but doesnt do it in action, he just sit quietly. Sometimes when teachers talking, he doesnt pay attention, when reading a book, he can read it well but less understand the story. when theyre doing some center activity, he needs a lot of hwlp from the teacher, but in other kids,they can do it by themselves,while doin homeqork at home, he can do and finish it but will take time,coz he'll stop writing and play with the pens or eraser, then if i remind him,he'll do it and after minutes, he'll be like that again,he listen and follow my direction, sometimes i need to say it over again, but he'll do it. do you think my son has adhd? or any behavior problem?
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You don't say anything that would suggest a behavioral problem.  However, you do give many symptoms of ADD.  As the CL here http://www.medhelp.org/forums/ADD---ADHD/show/175, these things do sound familiar.
   Here are two links that will help you with more information about ADD.  Feel free to ask on this site or the other one is you have any more questions.  Oh, does any one else in the family have this problem?
  The links are:
    Hope this helps.  Best wishes.
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I agree with what Sandman says,  and also want to add that some kids are less willing to do meaningless (to them) work than others.  I had a child who was diagnosed with ADD,  and we used to joke that the other kids had Attention Surplus Disorder - in that they were somehow willing to sit and labor on things that were boring and repetitive.  

With refusing to do math,  you could suspect he doesn't understand it but since he's refusing to finish coloring projects,  I think there you just have to say he's bored and just not motivated to continue.  

Are there things he chooses to do that he puts a lot of effort in?  Like,  building a tall block tower or digging holes in the sand?
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I originally wrote a super long winded answer with all kinds for advice, but it didn't post.  It took an hour to write, and it's 1am so I'm not doing it again.

In short, yes your son has ADD in my highly educated and informed opinion.  I'd love to go into this some more, but I'd rather do it via a different medium.  This is too tedious, and I would rather not put another hour and a half into another helpful dissertation.  I'd be happy to give you my email or phone number something.  I've spent over 15 years studying ADD/ADHD and other various developmental disorders.  I'd love to help in any way I can, because I do not want to see a child lost or left behind like I was.  ADD is not a "disorder" in the classic sense.  It just means we learn DIFFERENTLY and/or at a different pace.  In fact, most children with ADD/ADHD are vastly intelligent and leaps and bounds ahead of their peers in terms of critical the hinting and analysis skills.  I myself have an average IQ of 153, considered genius level intellect (Einstein was 160).  However on paper, according to my grades in school, one would think I was mentally handicapped in the classic sense.  I flunked most classes and barely passed most years (and fortunately never got held back a grade, due to pure dumb luck in my opinion).  At any rate, school K thru 12 was absolutely hell for me, socially and academically.  I don't want to see any other child suffer that.  Let me know how I can best help!  I'd love to chat a bit and get a feel for what exactly your son is dealing with.  Talk to you soon!
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