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OCD in 9 year old

Our 9 year old daughter is presenting all signs of OCD with increasing severity (since around 5 year of age).  We recognise this very well as I have it too and have been on Prozac to supress symptoms for 11 years (since first daughter was born) - which it does well.

Our eldest daughter is absolutely unaffected, albeit very bullied by her little sister (they are almost the same size - and they share a bedroom).

We didn't look to have any treatment earlier as we honestly believed she would 'grow out of it'.  But our Christmas was awful due to our little one's continually intrusive and demanding behaviour and her own frustration at her compulsions (which do not mimic mine in anyway, and she has only recently told me that she has noticed mine - I am extremely secretive!!)

Her paternal grandmother consulted a top London Psychiatrist who insisted that she has learned all her behaviour from me.  Now I feel very unsupported, and almost like it's all my fault.  She cannot believe anything other than what she has been told.  I accept that that is one train of thought, but really, can you 'copy' a seratonin or chemical imbalance??  Surely, like me, she had to have a pre-disposition in the first place?  And how come her sister is unaffected? (She thinks we're both very odd!!)

There is a history of mental issues in my own maternal family - I fully believe it is all genetic (my mother was very fussy and particular and had little rituals, but always thought mine to be hysterical!  My grandfather had a nervous breakdown and was committed at one point - but my mother was 12 when he died and didn't really see too much of him).

We really want to get some treatment for our daughter now - who is adorable, loving, sensitive and throughtful, but very confused.  She also desperately wants to hang on to babyhood and constantly asks if she is cuter/smaller than other kids, and asks for dummies for Christmas and wants carrying all the time!!!!  She can be quite immature and likes lisping (her voice is still very squeaky) and enjoys playing with younger children, dollies and prams etc.

She is also very bright, but has only mastered reading in the last year and doesn't do as well as she could at school because she is always distracted, repeating things, lacks proper concentration, tries hard to make things perfect and gets very frustrated etc. etc.  She is otherwise very happy and sparkles the whole time.

In the UK it is hard to know how to start getting help - our GP is not very approachable and resources are not very well financed in our area.  Where do we go? And how can I convince my husband's family that I am not a villain (after all, I got OCD from somewhere!)  I also really would like to be able to communicate with parents of similar children as we have little support here - unless you know otherwise!  Hoping you can help, thank you! Theresa
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Dear Theresa,

It will be crucial for you to follow your instincts and have your daughter undergo a clinical evaluation. There are signs that she does indeed display Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, in addition to other difficulties.

As you know by your direct experience, OCD has its origins in the chemistry of the brain, in particular in the chemicals known as neurotransmitters. It is very much accepted that OCD, of at least moderate severity, should be treated with medication as part of the overall plan.

It's sometimes difficult to overcome the perceptions and pressures of relatives, but proceed with what you know is the correct thing to do.
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I suffer from OCD and i am now doing a project on it. Can you give me the history of OCD. Like who diagnosed it named it or responsible for the research?
Please A.S.A.P
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