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ODD or Cerebral Palsy?

I have a nephew who just turned 3. He was adopted out of Foster care just before his 2nd birthday. He has been theorized to have everything from Cerebral Palsy, ODD, Sensory issues, Bi polar dissorder (which does run in his biological family) and attatchment disorders. Heres what he is doing, and has been since day one. He eats everything...literally, his mattress, sheets, stuffing from his pillows. He gets out of bed at night and empties the fridge, eating everything until he vomits, then eating more. He screams uncontrollably when told NO or DON't or when asked to do anything such as, Go Potty. Then as suddenly as his fits started, they end. The crying, yelling, everything stops, and he says, "okay" or "i wanna." He has now started taking his clothes out of his closet/dresser and deficating on them, Sometimes eating his own feces. He can't stand water, wind, or sunlight although he has gotten better. If you tell him something like "don't spill your drink..." his arm jerks, and the cup turns upside down...he then throws an uncontrollable fit pulling his arms, pinching himself etc. the more you try and console him, the worse the fit. Then it ends. There is never any tears, and occasionally his body becomes jerky...almost like a seizure, but as soon as something else catches his eye, or pops into his mind, it all stops...like nothing happened. We have 4 behavior specialist that we have worked with this past year. Taking them videos, pictures anything we can think of to help them understand...we keep being told to be consistant, and scheduled...It's not helping. His general doctor can't get his original medical records as they seem to be lost in the system of foster care, and all he can do is recommend new therapist, and pschycologist for us to try...Any ideas you have will help us understand. We know there won't be a Quick or easy fix....We just need to know what we need to be doing to help him. What we need to know, to encourage, and better his life
Thank You
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There is only so much you can do at home to address such a complex array of symptoms and emotional disturbance. That is why you have receievd the guidance about structure, consistency, etc. It is likely that pharmacological treatment will be needed, and I recommend his parents obtain an evaluation with a child psychiatrist. If he has not been evaluated neurologicaly that should also occur. I hope his parents want to be in this for the long haul, because this situation is going to be very trying on an ongoing basis.
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Thank you so much. We are going to a new Psychiatrist, our third this year, on Wednesday. We are all in this for the long run. and Know how difficult this journey will be, we just want to make sure we as his parents/caregivers are as informed as we can be. Thank you for your answer.
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