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Oppositional defiance disorder???

I have a now 5 year old who is very intelligent and does not have any physical dissabilities nor did she have any birth defects. I used percocet, tylenol 3 in my pregnancy. I used percocet during the first 5-6months in large quantities on average 30+ per day and more if I could get my hands on them, I also supplemented with tylenol 3 because it was easier to get and I felt I needed something to stave of the withdrawls that occured almost weekly to bi-weekly when I would run out. I continued to use tylenol 3 until 7- 8mos and then weened myself off completely about a week or two before my daughter was born. She was born without any defects however she was of low birth weight 5lbs 11oz and the cause is not completely clear since I smoked with the pregnancy but about 4 a day and I also had a 2 vesseled cord where there normally would be 3, 2 arteries and 1 vein, so I was missing an artery and this alone can cause low birth weight and in I believe 40% of cases some pretty major birth defects. So yes, God was watching out for me since as I said she has no birth defects. Now to the question:I was wondering if anyone had experience with conduct problems with their children after having used during pregnancy. It is not confirmed but my daughter seems to have a mild to moderate form of oppositional defiance disorder. If you are unfamiliar it is where she is constantly argumentative, likes to annoy you and authority figures(not sure why), is angry, resentful and in general is difficult and likes to do the exact opposite of what she is told. It is like walking on eggshells no to set her off because if she doesn't like something you've said she will become stubborn, angry and will refuse to do anything you ask and this lasts for a while like and hour or more and happens constantly thoughout the day.  One last note her father was a a handful too while growing up but he has another daughter 9 who listens well and has what I call "fear of authority" meaning afraid to displease authority and therefore does as she is told and wishes to please.  Thank you, and help, advice or experiences would be appreciated.
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First of all she's 5.  Many kids are different.  I don't have kids myself, but I have been babysitting for many years and I will tell you that some kids are not as well behaved as others.  As much as anything some kids are more high strung as others.  
There is no cookie cutter child, and we don't need to try and make our children fit into a mold.  Some kids are just more sensitive then others, and it is what it is.  
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I believe we have answered this same question before either on here or the pediatrics forum , may answer remains the same .
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She sounds like a normal 5 year old. My family always says that if you do have a perfect child, THEN there is something to worry about!
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My stepdaughter is six and her Mom smoke and drank during her pregnancy. She can be very defiant, loud and aggressive. I feel that is mainly because she  isn't getting the right amount of sleep and the characters she is around. It will take me a minute to re-set my boundaries with her by being firm with the consequences and rewards. Once I do though, she is an angel and is willing to do anything because it makes her feel good. Sure some of it could be biological, but it seems that with patience and time, she can accomplish being respectful, honest, and hardworking.
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