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First of all: Your daughter's case is uncommon, but not unique.

There is a girl who has pretty much the same problem as your daughter, although she is grown up. It might give you an idea of how she might develop. Please don't be shocked, but it seems reasonable: http://www.bmezine.com/news/pubring/20061028.html

A second person is myself. I too started masturbating at age four, and I also did it at school, in class, in the first two grades. However, I always tried to conceal it, although I have been busted a few times (once even in class, but by a girl sitting near me, so the teacher thought she was making things up). I don't know why, it wasn't before the age of nine when I learned what it actually was that I was doing daily, often several times a day.
It may comfort you to hear that you learn how to control it over the years. I am 23 years old by now. I don't do it in Public anymore, although I'm still jerking off several times per day.
It doesn't interfere with my everyday life though, I am getting along quite fine. I just find it very hard in a romantic relatinship, as it soon focuses on my impulses, so I will become quite an annoying, sexually hyperactive jerk. That's why no woman could tolerate me longer than a certain time.
Your daughter will probably be a "sex addict" too, although her problem won't be to find a guy who can stand that, but someone who doesn't abuse it and tolerate it if it leads to adultery. You can read about that in the article to which I linked above.
She will have a difficult life. Psychiatrists may be able to calm her down a bit, and so will her growing experience with her problem. But you shouldn't expect her to ever be cured from it. You should concentrate on helping her find ways to live with it.

I hope I could help to a certain degree.

Yours sincerely,
N. R.

This discussion is related to 7 year old girl who masterbates at school.
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im sorry to hear of your truobles and hope yo find a solution
Is it possible the more attention spent on this issue and the more you offer bribes to stop it, that it gets worse?

I have no experience or knowledge in these things and for all i know what i am about to say is of NO relevance whatsoever but am guessing you are looking at everythbing and trying evyerhthing so take what i have to say with a pinch of salt

I only have little boys, not girls and haev NO EXPERIENCE (juswt want to stress it again) with these matters at all

However i did see a documentary the other week called smoething like a hundred orgasms a day or a thousand orgasms a day

It was about a woman (yes not child) who has an actual medical disorder where she is extremely sensitive and feels the urge to masturbate constantly and gets very worked up if she doesnt etc

She actually in the documentary met other people online with the same issues

I think it even has a name for the disorder

Of cvourse no idea if this is related but maybe worth checking out and finding out what age this issue started for them if childhood then maybe something you should look at further

Googled it for you
PSA its called
persistant sexual arousal

Check it out
Its not actually about sex, more the arousal, and if your daughter were to have this issue it could just be that she realised that moving in the chair was of some relief to her, as it can be very frustrating etc and therefore thats all she is doing.

Therefore i understand your worries about it around strangers/school etc however i wouldnt jump into the route of shrinks and their medicines so quickly.

I know with our first son reading lots on net about looking after babies time and time again reading about how they were worried as their son was masturbating as a toddler -- hey even my boys would often play with that area, and sometimes display "arousal",but i would never dream of referring it as masturbating, rather just growing up and discovering their body...i am 31 right now and as i type this i have been playing with my ear with out realising - there is no difference, dont beat yourself up over stuff....look into it and worry if you have to as all parents do, but dont think straight away that she is different, etc etc...am sure yuo have a wonderful daughter who doesnt need all these psychiatric meds
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