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Hi, I have a 7yr old his name is conner ...Im ready to pull out my hair but im trying to b patient wit him, Il tell u wats going on, He throws thngs fghts wit his brother all the time, If he doesnt get wat he wants he will have a fit an throw anythng, he tells me sumtimes he wants me to die an i get hurt by it but i always tell him I love him ....so I tried everythng wit him an NOTHING phases him at all, he will throw rocks, toys anythng he can grab, IDK if im doing anythng wrong, Oh an wen he wants sumthng I say no he will get mad but I dont gve into him.....My son cant take the anwer no...He doesnt act like this at school or over his aunts house or grandmothers house.....Plze sum1 help thank u
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Is the brother he fights with an older brother, what are the dynamics there is the older brother kind to him or as often happens does he tease and cause some of the acting out?As he doesnt act like this anywher else it tells you the problem is at home, check out what triggers off the behavior what happens prior to the fighting, what words are used , why does he beahve like this, if you do some investigating you may come up with the answer, is his Dad around, does he get on with his Dad , are there any jealousy feelings between the siblings?
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im not wit the dad anymore but the kids still sees him....I thnk jelouzy has a part of it to...Im really trying my best...Il b honest wit u yes he does swear an i did alot taking thngs from him , put him in the corner nothing phases him...Hes not jelouz of his brother hes jelouz cuz im wit sum1 now but wen i was wit his dad he was jelouz too...the brother is 12 yrs old...so wat can i do?? I know its at home I want conner to b happy....THANK U
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I just read your post. I have exactly the same problem, I have 2 kids. A boy 8 and a girl 7. My boy can not take no for an answer. He throws tantrum every day. For example. yesterday he came from school and wanted to play his DS before homework. I told him you do your homework fast and play as much as you want. His responce was " this is why I hate you, you are the meanest mon in the world, all other moms let but not you......." This was on and on for hours. Then his dad came from work and told him the same thing. My son gave him the same respond plus he said he wants us to die.  I get mad. My husband tells me not to take this so close to my heart, just ignore it. I cant. I get so sad I barely hold my tears. I dont know what to do. Some one suggested taking him to psychiatrist. I don't know if I should. Have a great day.
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I agree with your husband ,it would be a good idea not to react,not to feed into it, when he says mean things he probably doesnt mean them, ask yourself WHY ...why does he feel like this ,something is upsetting him .Why does he have to do his homework fast..can he not control how he does it, maybe thats your perception not his, accomodate when you can, give him choices ,walk in his shoes.
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