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Peeing on floor

I am at my wits end with my son. He keeps peeing or even at times pooping on the floor in his room and it is just his room. I have gotten to the point that i am now duct tapeing his diapers on him because i am sooo tired of cleaning up pee and poop off the floor , i have tried the child rearing books and none of them touch in this subjust , should i bring my son to a shrink or am i just being over dramatic? Please any help wood be great,.
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I cannot offer you much guidance without additonal information. How old is your child? How is his development proceeding in other areas? Is he medically well?
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How old is he? Has he always done this? Could he be telling you that he's ready to potty-train (i.e., that he recognized and doesn't like the feeling of a wet or dirty diaper)?
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