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Problems at paying attention.

I am working for a School of English. I used to be the teacher of a student who had problems at paying attention. She was always pretending she was paying attention but she was in "another wolrd". My student was in silence but she wasn´t listening to the very class. Sometimes she was very good doing an exercise but then this "gift" disappeared.
Often we used to have a conversation with her telling that she has to pay attention in the class and do her homework but it was for nothing.
Now, she is not coming anymore, but I need know what would be the solution for these children behavior. Maybe I´ll have another case and I want to be prepared.
Thank you.
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Did she speak to you or the other children?  You did mention that she was "in silence".  If so, then look up the term "selective mutism" - I'm wondering if your student was suffering from being selectively mute (which is a behavious of severe anxiety).  Just wondering ...
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Well I know a few children who stare out of the windows and take no notice when they are bored if the subject isnt one they like or are good at,  its the way they are and I expect the same at home .How did you know she was 'pretending ' ?
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Well, she was not complety in silence. I mean, in silence when she had to be in silence listening, or pretending to listen the class. This student was quite normal in those senses. The problem was that she couldn´t learn because, she was E.G. thinking in a TV programme, I don´t know... well thank you for your answer. By way... I am going to research that.
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Yes, I agree with you. She doesn´t like English; and when is that way, is very difficult for teachers get their attention and end up having a good student.
I know she was "pretending" because when I told her, E.G. "Keyla do homework, stop talking!" ... she looked at me in a very serious way and she opened and closed her nostrils (? Just that... Very weird. I remember that now, and I laugh ... but I was terrible to know wheter she was paying attention to me or just pretending...
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Well I agree about the talking in class when you are in the middle of teaching .I doubt if you will ever stop any child from thinking of something else if they are bored ...Ignoring the behavior pattern to see what happened may have worked ,what happened to her ?
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Well, sometimes it happens when a child is not paying attention because he is thinking in another thing, such a TV programme or something like that, but maybe you can use it to channel his/her energy into the exercise. E.G a Child is thinking in his new power rager so together we can describe him, his body or his colours and generate a conversation channeling his energy in to the very exercise which is "Body parts" or "Colours" Sometimes I do that. But in this case, she has problems. Because talking to the school´s manager she said that my student was the same way at school, or even worse. But I am looking for a answer that help me to lead with these problems in a psycological way. Trying to know wheter is mine, or my student and if it she, help her.
Thank you very much for your help!
If you have read a book on this, Please recommend it to me.
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