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Provera, Irregular periods after Depo-Provera

I was on the Depo-Provera injection for about 2 year and a half and I have just gotten off the injection a couple of months ago. I got my first period and I have not gotten my second and it has been about 3 months. I have gone to my doctor had a blood test and a vaginal ultrasound to make sure I was not preg and he put me on Provera for 10days. I have been on the medication for 5 days and I have not even spotted or felt no cramps. I am worried that the injection might be the reason I cannot get preg. I am very confused about everything that is happening to me and I have fallen into a deep depression because of all this. I would like to know what role does the Provera really play? I know that it is used to regulate periods and other reasons but I would like to know if it would eventually regulate my periods  and if it used for fertility to help women get preg? I think that maybe I want to get preg so much that I dont get preg. Please help.
Thank you........................
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Dear Samantha,

Your question is outside the scope of this Forum. One of us is a pediatrician, the other a child mental health clinician. Our area of focus for the Forum is on issues pertaining to child behavior and childhood/adolescent emtional and psychological functioning. We also concentrate on issues of normal child development and issues pertaining to parenting.

Your questions need to be addressed to your OB/GYN doctor or nurse practitioner. Please communicate to them your worry. You might even give them a copy of the note you addressed to us - it is a clear statement of your concerns.
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Dear Samantha -
   I agree with the answer already posted.  I would encourage you to seek the answers to your questions from your obstetrician/gynecologist.  There are many things that can cause irregular menstrual cycles.  I'm afraid as a Pediatrician, I am not qualified to answer for you.  Good luck --   Dr. EV.
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