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Re: 7 year old girl still wets her pants

Posted By Cathy on June 24, 1999 at 23:34:36
our 7 year old daughter still wets her pants, she has wet even
after using the toilet.  Most of the time it's just a little as
she runs to the toilet, sometimes it's a lot.  She has had her
urine tested for bladder infections a couple of times, they have
turned out negative.  She has a odor most of the time also which
smells like she has a yeast infection, the doctor doesn't seemed
worried about this either.  I wet my bed and pants through about
3rd grade, I couldn't control it.  Is there anything I can do for
her?  The kids are just starting to tease her and I don't want
that to follow her through school.  Is this normal for her to
still be wetting?  She doesn't wet at night at all and hasen't
for years.  I just don't know if it's behavorial or physical.  
Please give me any suggestions on any help I might get on this
Thank you

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Posted By HVM Ph.D. - KDK on June 25, 1999 at 16:35:06
Dear Cathy,
No, the situation you describe is not normal for a child of seven. Approximately 5-10% of 7-year-olds are enuretic at night, but diurnal(i.e., daytime) enuresis is not as prevalent. Her pattern of wetting during the day and not at night certainly is not suggestive of any underlying medical problem. Generally, such difficulty is occasioned by inattention to the need to urinate (sometimes such inattention is seen in children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, though it is not confined to children who display ADHD). Such children find it hard to pull away from whatever activity is engaging them, until it is 'too late'. There is often no underlying emotional disturbance in such instances, but the pattern itself brings about some stress (as you mentioned in your note).
Sometimes children with accompanying emotional problems manifest diurnal enuresis - the enuresis in such instances is symptom of their emotional problems. It might be worthwhile to have the situation evaluated by a pediatric mental health professional, who will be able to clarify the nature of the behavioral pattern and help develop a systematic plan to address it.
This information is provided for purposes of general medical education. Please consult your health care providers for diagnostic and treatment options that pertain to your specific situation/condition.
*Keyword: Enuresis, Diurnal Enuresis

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