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Posted By Wendy on January 21, 1999 at 13:15:17:

In Reply to: play posted by Amanda on January 19, 1999 at 11:34:11:

My 4 year old son, Jake, constantly begs me to play with him. I am a stay at home mom and also have a 10 month old. I know there is some jealousy involved with the baby, but Jake was this way before the baby came, too. I set aside some time alone with him every day, at least an hour. I also sit down on the floor and play with both him and my other son a few times throughout the day. The more I give him, the more he wants. Jake understands when I need to clean, cook, or do other work. But the moment I take a breather, he's right there asking repeatedly for me to play with him. I've told him that moms can't play all day long and that sometimes he needs to play by himslef. I've also set him up with something to play with by himself like drawing or blocks, but he won't play for very long. There are times when he does play by himself for long periods, so I know he can do it. But lately he's really been begging and I'm started to just get angry with him (which I obviously don't want). I feel like I'm being consistent and not giving much reinforcement for this behavior (although I know he gets attention by just asking all the time). Any suggestions for dealing with this?  Amanda
I have found there are a lot of churches or day cares that offer mother's
morning out. It's usually 2 times a week from 9am to 12am. My daughter loves it
and it gives me a little time to myself.

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