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My son has tourette syndrome.  He has intermittent explosive disorder.  He explodes, and then, when sent to " get himself together" he comes back fine.  After he explodes, he will run and hide to give himself time to recoup. (A problem at malls and other social situations.  He is eight, and now he's having problems at school.  Everyone agrees he's great after regaining control, he just can't seem to anticipate what sets him off.  If I anticipate it and tell him the situation that might set him off, he can tell me when it gets "too much." he even leaves...which is great.

The neurologist put him on risperdal.  I just read horrible side effects, like breasts on boys.  Is there a more " beginner" drug?  Since we see a neurologist instead of child psychologist, I am fearful he doesn't know as much about behavioral medications.

Sorry so long.

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Risperdal is a sensible choice and should be helpful in reducing the frquency and intensity of your son's outbursts. All medications have possible, though not probable, side effects. It is always a matter of balancing the potential benefits against the potential risks. Given that your son displays both neurological and psychiatric conditions, a second opinion consult with a child psychiatrist would be a reasonable, even sensible, intervention.
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Thank you. I appreciate your time and quick response. Looking for child psychiatrist.   You've quieted my soul for Thanksgiving.
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