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School around the corner! Does your child have a Learning Disability?

School may be around the corner for your kids which brings all of our hopes and ambitions for our children to mind.  We want them to do well, make friends and learn whatever it is they need to know in order to be productive full grown people some day that WE don't have to support.  But it's just not that easy for some.  Learning disabilities affect a 8 to 10 percent of the population making them very common.  

How can you identify if your child has a learning disability?


There are key components to each different kind of learning disability. Important to look for them with your kids if they begin to struggle or avoid certain activities which is a sign they are struggling without their telling you.

By identifying them early, a parent can get the help and resources their child needs to overcome learning disabilities.  You are your child's advocate in these matters. Knowledge is power so learning all you can regarding any learning disability your child has will be a great way to arm yourself and help them fully.

And remember that many kids with learning disabilities suffer low self esteem.  Understanding and patience is really key in allowing a child to blossom into their potential.

What do you know about learning disabilities that you can share with us?
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