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Self Mutilation

What is term used for children who cut themselves on the arms, legs, etc. and where can I refer the parent for help?
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Such self mutilation can be symptomatic of several mental and emotional disorders. Sensible sources of help are the local child guidance or mental health clics/agencies, hospital-based mental health departments, family service agencies. If you don't know where to turn, you can contact the child's pediatrician for suggestions and referrals, or contact the local mental health association. Schools can also be useful sources of information. If the child is insured, the insurance company will have a telephone number to call to obtain mental health services.
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hi sassy
i have a 10 yr old son who also self mutilates he has been diagnosed as having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder not all adhd kids mutilate i also have a 6 yr old that suffers from the same condition that would perfer to hurt some one else have u considered that he may have adhd
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I have experience with a lot of "cutters" in my profession (in Corrections) and I recommend the book "The Scarred Soul"- it is a good resource and also I must say you are doing the right thing to get help for this child as soon as possible. The older the child gets the better they will get at hiding it- cutting in places that are less visible- and may tend to be manipulative- the way some people with eating disorders may bend the truth to protect what they do. As far as the connection to adhd- I have adhd and I can see how the frustration might make a person seek a way of control- which the cutting might serve to do temporarily (we do not test for adhd in the prison system, unfortunately), but I do not think you will find it is what causes the cutting- think it is more than that. You and your friend and in my prayers.
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