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Sexual experimentation

2 Days ago we got a call from our Neighbour saying her husband is besides him self. He found his 4 or 5 year old son experimenting sexually with another kid. When he asked his kid where he got it from, his son said my 8 year old son taught him. He said my son urinated on him. I immediately asked my son. He denied it. I can to a certain degree believe my son tried to urinate on him. He can be mischievious and once urinated in his Grandfathers shoes and thought it was funny. He is always full of something and if he crosses the line we do punish him and explain that it is bad behavour. But in no way was this a sexual connectation. He is emotiionally not as mature as his peers and are still into running around with the dog etc.

Also my neightbors sone hardly ever plays my my son. He is friend with another kid, (The one he got caught with) and this kids' father lives with another man ?

The problem I have is my neighbor. I want to resolve it. If my son did something wrong I want to take action. He went completly ensane. He vandalised the other neighbors car by hitting it with some metal object and broke his windows, curssed at the cops who tried to calm him down and yelled that he will bash my F^&*^&* kid's head in.

Took a 3 hours trip to pick up his older kid and back in half the time, which means he must have been driving 130mph.

And now we are labled as thes very bad people.

This is very sad for my older son who is friends with their older son. Because now he also lost his best friend.

My son is not exposed to sexual content. I once caught other friends visiting here looking at porn sites on the internet. I call thier mother and we resolved it like adults. We spoke to the kids and it stopped. We check out kids' computers daily to see where they go. My kids are realy still innocent and we both work from hom and are around the all the time. Other kids alway come to our house. My kids never sleep over at other kids houses. They are just very close to us.

First of all, are there any legal implication for my son ? Do I need to take him for counseling ? I fell so confused and don't know where to go.  

Any advice would be appreciated.


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I think your worst fear is your crazy neighbor.  He sounds very frightening.

Best wishes.
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As a victim of child sexual abuse, the acting out may be a sign of something that may  have taken place...whether physically or by observation. it is very traumatic to such a young child. i am 46 and it took me 35 yrs to finally deal with it. keep your kid away from the freaks next door. their morals are based on selfishness and self-gratification without regard to others feelings or any repercussions. it's the monent they live for.
little kids will do silly pseudo-sexual things...it's how we try to make sense of things, but when coerced by an adult (who may be as young as a boy who has just reached some semblence of sexual maturity...13, 14, 15, and up) it confuses the natural progression of the growth of the person...one such growth is sexual identity. i was basically emasculated by the abuse i endured...felt guily, insecure, and unsure of how to be in a relationsip. i'm ok now. God/Christ took it all from me when i was 40. yes, Christ. in the blink of an eye! i have forgiven the man, but can't  forget. only God can forgive AND  forget. He'll deal with the "man" later, i'm sure.
i pray that your son has been rescued in time.
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I think your son would benefit from some counselling and especially in light of the neighbor being so angry, if you can try to get a quiet moment with the neighbor and tell him your son is going to be having counselling and that you really believe he was  playing inappropiate Games not sexual,  and you have dealt with your son over the matter.You do definatly have to curb this behavior in your son it is inappropiate to do what he did even if it had no sexual impact.
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