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Should I be concerned about behavior?

Background:  My daughter is 7 (soon to be 8), she is on Lamictal, 50 mg twice a day for absence seizures, and has recently been diagnosed with a mild case of Tourettes syndrome (hopefully it will say mild).  She is an only child.

1.  My daughter thinks she is absolutely perfect in every way.  I'm glad she thinks highly of herself, but she will boost herself at others expense.  She will tell her friends that they are not as pretty as she is; her hair is prettier, etc.  If I point out a child (she seems to only do this in reference to other children, not adults) in a crowd and make a comment about how pretty their outfit is or their eyes or hair, she will say "they're ugly, only I'm pretty".  She will be brushing her hair with her friend and I will overhear her say to her friend, "your hair is pretty but not as pretty as mine."

2.  My daughter would rather be hit by a train then say she is sorry to someone.  She could accidentally hit someone and instead of just saying she is sorry, she will argue about the incident either denying anything happened or blame the other person.  She recently got into a verbal fight with her friend, the friend came over to apologize but my daughter refused to apologize back.  I would not let her play with her friend until she was able to tell her she was sorry (with meaning).  I told her that she had to earn friendships.  It took her two days before she would finally agree to call the child and tell her she was sorry.  She cried the whole two days because I would not let her play with the child.  She wanted to just act like the fight never happened.

3.  She is not verbally fresh to adults, but for the most part will ignore them when spoken to unless pressed to answer.  She is good with her teacher though.

My daughter can be a very caring person but only seems to show this side to my husband and myself.  My husbands family is starting to make comments (behind my back) about the way she acts with other people.  She has acted this way since she was old enough to walk and talk.  She is always telling us she loves her best friend (the above child) and is always making things for her.  We have tried to talk to her about being nice to people and try to give examples of how she feels if someone is not nice to her, etc.  Neither my husband or I have any of the above traits.  I was VERY shy as a child and young adult but I was never rude to people.  I have even started telling her that she is not perfect, that the only one who is perfect is God.  Nothing seems to be getting through.  Are we (her parents) doing something wrong?  Is this a type of disorder or related to the seizures/Tourettes?  Should we have her evaluated and if so, by what type of Doctor?

Thank you for your help!!!
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Yes, you should seek an evaluation by a licensed pediatric menatl health professional. The best resources would be either a child psychologist or a psychiatric social worker. The behaviors you describe have no correlation with her neurological problems. A very helpful treatment for her would be a children's social skills group; perhaps the clinician you consult can guide you to such a group in your area. Also, check to see if the school is offering such a group, or if the school has some suggestion for you. This is a good time to intervene, while her social skills are developing and before she solidifies these behaviors into a habit pattern.
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I'm not a doctor, but this sounds to me like the beginnings of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  Your child could be the little girl version of my abusive ex-boyfriend.
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