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Should i be worried about my Daughter?

So my 14-year-old  daughter (soon to be 15) has always been interested in criminals and serial killers so basically criminology since age 11. this was just a personal interest of hers. But recently i fear this fascination has grown and took a rather dark route. Because recently i found some rather disturbing items in her room. She hates me going in her room yet cleaning but i thought it was because teens were like that. anyway while cleaning her room i found a lighter and stolen kitchen knife in her school blazer which i was going to wash. I know she not smoker since she hates cigarettes etc so much. I also found a sketch book, most of the pages were ripped out but there will still some pictures. there was one called  'The crimson carnival' it had a circus with body parts and blood everywhere. the second one was called 'the surgeon' it had a person split in two with all its organs out and sharp bars piercing its remains the heart was covered in what appeared black mist. The last which was the most disturbing was called 'A bloody smile' it had her with a knife in one hand and a peace sign represented on the other hand. she wore a t-shirt with the peace sign. She also looked happy with a bloody smile around her was all her friends brutality murdered and her boyfriend too. Written in blood on the wall said 'don't worry friends' i was shocked and put the items back and walked out the room disgusted. Should I be worried? My daughter hasn't had a bad childhood. I always cared for her gave her everything. I thought she was perfect too but i'm not so sure now. she always been distant but i thought that was just her personality. Is this normal behaviour for teens? what should i do? i haven't talked to her yet...
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First off,  the lighter is most likely to smoke pot.  I can't imagine a lighter being involved in her grisly fascination with serial killers and brutal drawings.  

I don't know about the rest.  There are a LOT of people interested in true crime,  and who want grisly,  grisly details although they usually couch it in insincere concern "horror!  I hope we don't find out she's been murdered!  I don't think I can stand another sad outcome of a missing person!".  Check out internet true crime discussion boards to see what I mean.

I think you should talk to her about it.  She'll be angry you looked,  but what she's drawing and interested in goes beyond a typical interest.

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