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Six year old son's focus problems

My six year old son has trouble staying focused on anything for even short amount of periods of time. He is in first grade and the teacher says he's the youngest in the class, but very smart. He is reading at a second grade level, doing math very well, and minds her very well. No problem with him being naughty. He just doesn't finish his work because he can't stay focused long enough. She says he could be the first one done with all of his work no problem, but he is usually the last one done because he fiddles around with his pencil or tries to make the other kids laugh by falling off his chair. We have tried EVERYTHING we can think of to help him by disciplining him or giving him positive feedback when he does something right. It doesn't matter. It seems like he just doesn't care. The teacher says there is no way she can or would hold him back from going to second grade because he's smart enough, but worries it might halt his learning in the long run. What should I do to help him?
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In the event that his symptoms are indicative of a disorder of attention, you should arrange an evaluation with a child psychiatrist. Now, by nature six-year-olds are not famous for their sustained attention. But if the teacher is noting that your son is beyond the normal spectrum in this regard he may well have a neurologically-based attention disorder (such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) that requires treatment.
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