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Speech Apraxia diagnosis and Autism linked? 2 yr old son diagnosed.

My son is 27 mo. old. He was just diagnosed with Speech Apraxia and an expressive communication disorder.

He has always been really...”difficult.” I say that with my heart full of love, of course - I love him to death.
As a NB, he had reflux severely and cried non-stop even though he was on the highest dose on Zantac.

There have been a lot of reasons that I’ve felt he may be on the autism spectrum throughout his short life thus far, but nothing really solid, just hints of this and that. I was always told there was no way he could ever have autism because he has great eye contact, but the more I read about it from mothers, the more I realize that poor eye contact is not a prerequisite to be on the spectrum. Lately I’ve felt even stronger about the idea of my son being somewhat autistic since his diagnosis of speech apraxia and I just want to know if scratching it a big part of it.

Also, he has a lot of food allergies.
He has had diarrhea for five months now. I’m not sure why yet, but I’m working on it.

So he is on Zyrtec and Singular. His wheezing seems improved and the big red sores on his face due to the foods he’s allergic to has cleared up tremendously. However, he scratches himself a LOT. He scratches his arms and legs mostly and behind his neck, but not really his belly or back. He does scratch his rear end but not his front area. He will scratch until he bleeds sometimes and once when he was on my lap, I noticed that he was scratching MY arm. What is that?

He’s always been easily to upset and sorta anxious. I’m wondering now if he’s scratching because he’s itching or if he’s scratching because he’s anxious. Can anyone help me figure this out?
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The scratching behavior is not likely a symptom of anxiety. That would be quite unusual, so much so that it is reasonable to rule it out. As you wonder about a disorder along the Pervasive Developmental Disorder spectrum, consider having him evaluated by a Developmental Pediatrician. That would help to clarify the diagnostic picture.
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