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Strange thoughts-Repetitive Questions


Over the last few months, I've noticed a progression of odd behavior from my 8yr old daughter.  It started awhile back with questions about whether I loved her more or my husband more (remarried 2.5yrs ago), and she would also ask her dad that question about her or his new wife.  Another thing she started doing was putting things in lists, whether it be friends, toys, movies, etc.  Which one she liked first, then 2nd, 3rd so on.  She also repeats statements and questions two or more times.  The latest thing is that she has started saying that she feels like she likes someone better than me but she actually likes me better.  This has been family, friends and even people she sees on tv.  She has also said she feels like I'm stupid for doing a particular thing, but she knows I'm not stupid.  She tells me these different things several times a day.  The only time she isn't talking about these things is if she is distracted by other activities.  These last two things are making her very distraught.  She is saying that she doesn't want to think these thoughts but she can't help it.  I don't know what to do.  One of us is going to go crazy if I don't figure out how to solve this!

Any advice??

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Yeah my daughter who is now 10 used to do this...its a attention thing and i really wouldnt worry...also i over heard my step son who is 7 asking my partner who he loved more me or him...he replied there are diffrent kinds of love i love jo cos shes my gf and i love you cos your my child to this he just said okay and carried on playing..also my 8year old makes lists of who she loves the most and what movies and toys she likes best i am sooo sure this is normal hun its just kids being kids please dont worry x
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i wonder if perhaps it could be a form of OCD?
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I dont think its any disorder, sounds fairly normal to me...she is torn between the two families ..its very hard on a child in my opinion when they are split between 2 homes .and have to chose in their own mind which they like best I would get some counseling to help- her cope but I doubt if she would have a disorder .
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