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Teenage girl problems?!

Daughter asking for acrylic nails and makeup in 6th grade. My daughter is begging me for acrylic nails and I said no. She really wants them and to wear makeup! Can someone tell her how she persuade me? Thanks
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My son begs me for super violent video games too.  LOL  I have learned the art of saying No.  It's okay to say no.  She's too young.  She doesn't need to be one of the first to get these things.  Tell her that she will actually stand out in a negative way and that you are reserving those things for when she is a bit older.  By the way, is she in elementary school or advanced to a middle school with kids in older grades there?  

Also, when jumping off to a new area of being grown up . . .  I make it into something they earn.  I want to get something out of it too. So, if you aren't okay with the nails and make up just yet, say no for now with no wiggle room and letting her know the more she begs and bothers you about it, the longer it will be before it actually happens and then when you get closer to feeling truly okay with it (not just doing it to get her off your back)--  come up with a plan that she has to complete to earn it.  good luck
Also,how do violent video games have a negative effect,if anything,he will become cooler and have a higher social rank than someone who doesnt have the game
You sound like you really like video games.  There are actual studies done on this subject.  Parents make choices for their own children and some parents say anything goes and some don't.  Having boundaries does usually work well for refining kids into responsible adults (when they can play all the video games of any variety they want.)  
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I don't understand what "can someone tell her how she persuade me"?  I'm going to guess that's just a mistake in copy and paste.  

Are acrylic nails and makeup typical for sixth graders at your school?  Can you call the counselor and find out?  If they're typical,  I'd say yeah,  go to walmart and get her acrylic nails to play with,  and blue and pink nail polish,  and pretty pink lipstick and mascara.  

It does matter what the other girls are doing in this instance.  This isn't like having sex or driving.  It's just fads and fashions.
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