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Thank God! I Have help.

These stories sound so familiar.  This is my daughter to a tee!  I wish though that the psychologist would have had better answers for us.  This sounds like so many of us have the exact same situation with our child.  They should be more aggressive in there diagnosis and tell us what they think.  We are parents and not attorneys we want to help our children, not sue anyone.  Please give us more to go on other than seek a proffesional.  You are the proffesionals!!!!!  I really appreciate it.  From a devoted, loving, christian, RN,  Mom......

This discussion is related to 7-year old daughter has major rages/tantrums.
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Hey thats great that you found Med Help, people really care here so you will get all kinds of advice and most often its good as we have all been through the same things and have differant ideas how to deal with the Little Darlings. Good Luck Hope you enjoy posting some little problems the rest of us can try to solve.and then you get to reciprocate .
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