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Two year old Daughter says she’s a boy. Could this be gender issue?

I am a first time mom and My newly 2 two year old daughter will randomly tell me or my husband “I am a boy”. At times she’ll say you’re a girl Mama and I’m a boy. The first few times she did this I corrected her and she would insist that she was a boy. Since this started I’ve begun ignoring it or just simply agreeing with her. She does at times want to be the boy characters she sees in movies, but she also wants to be girl characters at times as well. When she plays with toys and asks me to play with her she 90% of the time wants to play the female characters. She doesn’t protest wearing dresses, skirts, bows or anything else typically deemed “Femininely. My question is, does the fact she is explicitly saying she’s a boy indicate that she may be transgender or do you think I am reading into this too much and it’s Just a phase? I started doing some research and I feel more confused now than before. Any mother’s experience this and their child turn out to not be transgender?

I don’t think I’d be concerned other than the fact she’s very intelligent with a very large vocabulary and doesn’t generally have problems expressing her needs or wants. She seems very clear on who boys and girls are other than herself. I try and stay gender neutral with language and will obviously love and accept her, no matter who she turns out to be.
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True story.  In elementary school, I wore my cousin's belt that had a huge buckle that said MIKE.  (I'm female).  I wore boyish clothes and acted and said I was a boy.  Not sure why.  No wondering if I am the right gender.  Mom of two here, happily married to my husband.  Wearing dresses to church.  :>)

Honestly, sincerely, and most definitely, don't put a lot of thought into what a two year old says.  My son at around that age went to the store with his dad to get a toy.  He came back with ballerina Barbie.  And he would spin with her all around the house.  And I have pictures of him playing dress up in skirts, carrying a purse, etc.  He's 14 now.  And about as male with raging testosterone as you can get.  We just never made a big deal out of it and let him be whatever.  

Don't worry about any of this.  When she is 12, 13, 14 . . . take it seriously.  Talk about her however you want without worrying about calling her a female when her two year old self says she is a boy.  Worry not. These things work themselves out and frankly, parents have little to do with it.  If she does go down that road, just be kind and open at that time.  But what she does at 2 really doesn't predict much at all.  good luck
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Yep, I agree with Specialmom completely!
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Hello, my 4 year old daughter is doing this too and has been saying she is a boy since she was 2.5 yo. I am wondering if anything came of this or if your child is now happy being a girl?
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