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Typical or Non-Typical?

My son is 14 months old.. he doesn't like to be cuddled for more than like 2 seconds. But he does give bug hugs and kisses even blows kisses. I am concerned about him not making eye contact as much as he should with his dad and I, with other people he stares them down until they say hi (haha).. I don't know weather his behaviors are "Typical" or not. This would be my 2nd child my oldest is a girl and she is blind and autistic she also functions really low. Could he be picking up her behaviors? She is an extremely happy girl! so i suppose not. Anyway, my son he's a climber but he climbs things he shouldn't and even if he falls he goes back? I tell him we do not do that and redirect his attention to something else but his mind is set on climbing his toybox.. he also likes to "Psych" us out.. he looks like he will give us something or want to be picked up then he will run away! laughing! i think its absolutely fun and adorable until he wants something and doesn't know how to say it.. He will literally flip out and i would have to put him on the floor or in his crib before he hurts himself.. i'm not used to this, my daughter would be happy doing anything. give her a toy music cookies shes good to go! but he doesn't his toys he's not hungry he screams even more when I try and head upstairs to see if hes tired. I just put him down and he was crying for like almost 10 minutes before he fell asleep. I'm hoping that when he wakes up he will be okay. But does all Typical Kids take a tantrum if they are tired and don't know how to tell you? He's getting his molers in... 4 and 2 bottom teeth (4 on bottom front now).. probably like 10 altogether now until the other 2 molers come in..oh and he hits sorry if its scattered.. i have a big case of scatter brain right now.. sooo tired haha
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Try not to worry.  It's hard and especially since you have an older child diagnosed with autism and the disability of being blind.  That must be hard!  I have a boy with sensory integration disorder which many autistic kids have.  when little and even now, he wants to touch on HIS terms.  He wasn't super cuddly but would hug and love on me in his own way. To this day, he wants to instigate the hugs or slaps on the back from friends, etc.  and he works on eye contact (we tell him to look at someone's forehead or right behind them to help him seem to be making eye contact).  He has some social skills challenges and other things too.  but, good news here . . .  he's 13 and a successful kid now for the most part.  Good grades, plays sports, has friends, etc.  As he matures, he is better about eye contact as he sees that it is important. He has a friend with ADHD who still will not make eye contact.  So, some people just have a hard time with it.

the bigger question is if your son is making his developmental milestones.  

He may turn out to have some sensory issues or something along those lines. But I would not look for that as of yet.  When he is about 2, consider a one day half day program and begin observing how it goes for him.  And go from there.  (unless he is not meeting milestones).  I really think preschool helps you assess your kids because the teachers observe your child compared to the other kids and your child is outside their own safe environment so more things come out.  

Keep in touch and let me know how it is going.  
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