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I have 7 year-old daughter that struggles with her reading, difficulty to grasp maths concepts. . When she was 1 year old we found out that she had a developmental delay and with therapy treatment (Speech, OT and physical therapy) overcame all the issues by the age of 4. After the age of 4 doctors said that she didn't need any help and she could go to a regular school/kindergarten.  But when she started kindergarten we felt that she had some issues, she was very shy and couldn't keep eye contact specially with adults (no problem with us the parents, grandparents or children). At the age of 5 we got her tested (again) for Autism and was negative.

Then we moved to Germany because my husband's job and she started 1st grade (currently) in a bilingual school, but most of the subjects are in English except one that is in German. She still have the problem with the eye contact but apart from that she struggles with her reading, difficult to grasp maths concepts.

Now we don't know what to do. Today her teacher just told me that she recommends that she stays again in 1st grade next year but I think that is not the only solution. I believe there must be something that I can do to help her with her?  Professional help? I'm very frustrated, because the teacher said that she might have autism but the 2 test that she got done were negative. I would like to know if someone can help me what to do, where should I turn for help? It will be good if I could have a "label" because I know that something is going on with her as she doesn't act like a regular 7 year old. Sometimes you see her acting like a toddler even a baby talking, other times she can be very mature. But don't know what to do.

Again, if something can help me how to focus from here.... Thank so much in advance!
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Two interventions would clarify the situation and offer a guide, if necessary, to remediation. First, she should undergo an evaluation to determine her cognitive status, especially in two areas: her intellectual ability and the possibility of a learning disability. Second, she should be evaluated by a pediatric mental health clinician. she may simply display a shy temperament, but it is possible that she displays an emotional disorder (e.g., anxiety disorder).
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Thank you very much!!!
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