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Unusual Ticks/Behavior in 4 year old and agressive behavior

Our 4 year old son has had a tick since he was a baby. When frustrated, stressed, tired, upset, or scared he places hands on either side of his face and makes a loud hissing sound. He is an extremely bright child (has been reading since two years of age, knew his shapes/colors/numbers at 15 months, and currently reads at a fifth grade level). As a baby/toddler he had a great fear of certain sounds (hand dryers/hair dryers/blenders/etc.) and would have a melt down if he heard them. He also would have melt downs if he found hair on his person or clothing. We have never noticed any delays or regression in speech - if anything he has been advanced for his age. Therefore we do not believe he has any form of autism.

At preschool we are having problems with unprovoked aggression towards his classmates. When we ask why he is doing what he is doing at school he states that he is frustrated. Is boredom causing him to act out? We are concerned because he will not enter kindergarten until he is six due to age requirement in our school district and can read at a fifth grade level and do math at a third grade level (pretty much self directed - we didn't even know he was reading until he read a billboard) and I am worried he may have behavioral issues once there. Please help.
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The behavior you describe in the first papagraph is not a tic (an involunatry muscle movement). It is a voluntary behavior resulting from frustration and you needn't worry about it.

Set firm limits on any aggressive behavior. At school he should be placed in time out immedately if he displays any gesture of aggression. Such behavior is not associated with boredom. Howver, if youthink he is not being stimulated sufficiently in his program, check into other options.
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Thank you so much for your response. We will follow up with his school regarding the behavior issues.
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