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Hi there,

My child (2.5 YO)supposedly had 3 bouts now with a stomach virus in one month. He goes to day care 3 days outo f the week and some of the kids there have had it.

However, every Friday this stomach virus would take over; its mind boggling that it always happens on the same day of the week. It comes with fevers of 101.7 or lower. I spoke with my day care provider and she mentioned that no one else in day care has it. We took him to his dr and his exam was normal...besides the 1 lb that he had lost in 3 weeks...so he ordered blood tests.

Has anyone experienced this type of stomach virus in a toddler? He keeps complaining that his belly hurts...he is eating but we have him on a bland diet for now.


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Always on Friday?  I'll bet he's overtired.  It's a long workweek for toddlers and by Friday he's probably pooped.
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Another thought is that he may be getting dehydrated. Kids need a lot of extra fluids and I am not convinced that the day cares that I have been around would be able to make sure that each and every child is getting the proper amount of fluids in them. It may make the temperature go up and especially if he has had a virus.  Find him something that he likes even if you don't usually buy it-kool-aid, gatorade, whatever. Hope he is feeling well again real soon!
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Hi I know how you feel. Our 17 month old Grand dayghter has had pretty much the same problem. It started about April with the flu. Every week we took her to the dr. They gave her meds and after she finished them she had it back again. During this bout she would start coughing and then vomitting. She has had croup in July, and that was her first visit to the hospital. The next visit was in August with the vomitting again, plus the flu like systems, she was so tied she would vomitt in her sleep but not wake up, until we picked up.(scary). She would occasionally vomit during the day, but only after her meds. We ended up stopping her meds, this slowed down the vomitting and finally stoped most of it. She still has them but now we can go for a few days to a week before she throws again
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May I ask what the meds were is she on them all the time ?
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Eye drops for her Conjunctivitis , Nose drops, antibiotics for her chest infection, (she has had these antibiotics before) and Cough mix for toddlers. Sori don't have the bottles and more. We were told to stop using the antibiotics, so we threw it out. The other bottles are at home. All her vaccinations are up to date.
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