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Can a child that has an allergy to wheat have issues with behavior like screaming,throwing fits, and just not wanting to do what is told??? I watch a four year old little girl and her mother told me she is allergic to wheat and i have altered her diet now cause she gave me a list from the doctor of what she can and cant have so i alter her diet here! but then mom still gives her wheat products and told me she hasnt modified her diet i need some help here dealing with this cause it is causing my three year old to start doing what she is doing and i cant have this anymore! i dont let my son treat me like this and she wont treat me like this but am i fighting a loosing battle since mom wont modify her diet???? i need help
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Hi there.  Yes, I've read that things like that can result in behavioral issues.  Your hands are tied though if her mom won't alter her diet.  Sadly, it sounds like it is too disruptive to continue watching her.  I'd give the mom notice to begin looking for another arrangement.  good luck
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Some foods have been known to trigger behavior issues.  You might want to get this issue checked out by your child's pediatrician.  However, it sounds as if your child is making a conscious decision to misbehave.  It definitely sounds as if discipline is warranted.  
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She's the baby sitter Marklakewood.  The mother of the child will not alter her diet to even find out if it has an effect.  That is an unworkable situation.  
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