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What age do you want your kids to start having a chore list?

My kids are a little older and I wish I'd started chores sooner.  When do you think is the appropriate age for chores to begin and what should they be?
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I think any age really, but the chores should match the age they are and it should be a chore they can do on their own. When my kids started being able to walk, they had simple 'chores' like putting a toy away or something in the garbage. As they got older, they still have those kinds of chores/responsibilities, but we've added on. So now my kids will help with laundry, vacuuming, cooking, tidying up, dusting ect. Do you pay your kids an allowance for doing chores? I've read mixed ideas about this - some say you should pay them to teach about money and responsibility and let's face it most people don't work for free when they are older and having a career. But then there are others that believe kids should get an allowance not related to chores - they just get the money. The chores shouldn't be rewarded with money once they complete the chores because these are everyday things that need to be done to keep your house clean ect. and because they live in the house as well, they should have responsibility to help clean the house.
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