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What is the best way to cure a diaper obsession?

Recently, my daughter has be wetting & messing the bed and in the day. We took her to the doctor and they said it could be the case that she is doing it on purpose. I was sort of shocked and didn't know what to say. I've been doing some research and this is more prevelant in boys? We can't do therapy or anything like that as she has severe  anxiety levels, which may cause some of this. What is the best way to stop it? She isn't willing to say she is purposely doing it answe is happy in her diapers, plays in her poop sometimes? I change her and it is like she has turned into a baby again. She wets and messes her diapers and is being a bit like a baby. We might get tested for autism, as this is another reason.
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It really is important to know how old she is.    
Also, if she does have anxiety...then any recent changes to her lifestyle could be a contribution factor.   Anything lately going on with her. . like changes in day care?  of course, Covid has changed things a lot.  When did this start?
  And yes, testing for autism would not hurt.  Also therapy for anxiety could help.
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