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What to do with daycare panic problems ?

Its my first week droping my 28 month daughter in daycare , but she keeps on crying and pannics ( throw up ), every day i drop her , even this weekend when we were going out she started saying :” no school “ , normaly she is afraid if there is alot of children near her , should i keep sending her to daycare or should i stop
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Awe, I feel for you.  There is nothing worse then to have your little one in a state of panic.  She is very used to having you around all day long, and when that does not happen...its panic time.
I know when my grandson started at about 2.5 years he would cry every day - for awhile.  It slowly got better and now at 3 he is fine.  But his mom, only started him at a half day and only for 2 or 3 days a week and then slowly worked up.
Talk to the daycare and see what they suggest to ease her in.

The other thing to find out is what happens after the first hour.  Many times kids will go nuts at the start and then once mom is gone will get into the activities.  So ask them how she does the rest of the day.   Also, it is pretty common for kids of this age to be afraid of a lot of other kids near them.  Is she in with a group of kids that are about her age?  Or are they all a lot older?

It is too early to tell if you should stop or not.  I would certainly investigate easing into the daycare.   If you daughter does not get involved at all in the activities and cries all day long - then that is a different matter and you might want to wait a tad bit longer.

So definitely talk to the preschool teachers.  If they are experienced, they should be able to give you some good advice.
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It's my personal opinion that if a child reacts so strongly after giving it a good solid try, that it is best to pull from daycare.  Not every child does well in that environment or is ready to separate from parents for the day.  In our preschool, one thing they try is strictly drop off where the parent never gets out of the car.  No long goodbyes, no clinging to you as you walk away.  They do parent drive through drop off where a staff member meets you by the door and takes the child.  This helps get the transition over quickly and most kids will bounce back.  If they don't, then they determine it's probably not a good fit for the child.  good luck
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