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Why does my daughter get severe tummy ache?

Hi, I'm writing this on behalf of my daughter and every time she eats meat, she gets very severe tummy ache and will either have diarrhea or will have a incredibly painful time defecating. We think she might potentially have IBS but she refuses to take a blood test as shes scared of needles but she does take calpol tablets when it hurts the most. Somehow whenever she looks at one of her toy horses (they look very realistic) her tummy settles completely. What does anyone think we should do? take her for a blood test or leave it?
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First it would be very, very helpful to know the age of your daughter.  And then, well, you do need to know what is going on.  
But, you also need more information.  To go between diarrhea and constipation is a bit unusual.  I am guessing that it might depend on the type of meat and how it is prepared.
   For example - does she have problems with baked or broiled chicken (not barbecued)?  Pork?  Fish?
   Essentially what kind of meat causes the problem and how has it been prepared?
   But, this is a problem.  She needs protein.  You will need to figure out what she can and cannot take.
Actually, this sounds like a gluten sensitivity.  are you sure its from meat?
Hi, my daughter is 11 years old and I'm sure it's to do with meat
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To begin with, I've suffered from anxiety IBS for years. To me it sounds like she has some anxiety concerning it. It might just be that she anticipates the pain from eating meat so her brain makes up the stomach pain and the rush of anxiety causes digestive problems. IBS also can't be diagnosed from blood tests, it's more of a thing that doctors diagnose when they don't know why else you have a sensitive digestive problem. I also think it's anxiety cause you mentioned when she looks at a toy she feels better. If there was truly something physically wrong, by looking at something comforting it wouldn't make it go away. Try removing meat from her diet for now and see a doctor about it
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I would just stop feeding her meat. Try using mock meats.
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Pls bring her to the hospital its important even she is scared in needle its important to know what going on to prevent anything more serious.  Sonetimes we need to do something they don't like but good for them
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I agree that it sounds very much like anxiety.  It is hard to believe she's having a physical-based reaction to her food when looking at a favorite toy can make the symptoms completely disappear.  

When you say "meat",  do you mean only beef?  Or are you referring to beef,  chicken,  pork,  fish,  etc?
My daughter only eats fish, pork and chicken and every time she eats either one, she'll get ill
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It's possible she needs pancreatic enzymes (medically prescribed). They are capsules you take with each meal or snack.

Some IBS sufferers, such as myself, do not produce the pancreatic enzymes needed to digest fats. To test for this, your pediatrician can order a stool sample test (no needles required!) that will check for undigested fat in the stool.

Best of luck!
Forgot to mention: calming activities and items (ex: her horses) may help her relax muscles that are cramping. Anxiety has a huge impact on the digestive system. You should also talk to the doctor about the possibility of heart burn as meat causes the stomach to produce a lot of acid.

A doctor can perform lots of assessments without blood work. But if blood work is necessary, use numbing cream beforehand and a small dose of a doctor prescribed sedative. This worked for me as a child and made the tests possible. My mom would always reward me for having blood work done like taking me out for ice cream or buying a small gift. Incentives help.
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