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Why does my toddler pull out my hair with his teeth/mouth and eat it?

My son who is 2 years keeps ripping out my hair with his teeth and starts to chew and swallow it. When I let him lay in bed with me he’ll do it, or whenever he’s close to my hair at least. He’ll only ever rip the hair out from the top or my scalp, never from the ends of my hair. Is this just toddler behaviour? It has been going on for about a month now and I’m not sure why. I hear a lot of toddlers pulling out their own hair but never pulling anyone else’s? I tell him off and try to stop him when I think he’ll do it but it doesn’t seem to work
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Be careful with that. It can cause GI issues. One of my kids used to play with my hair and it would end up in his feces. Kind of nerve wracking to see a lot of long strands of my hair in his diaper. I cut my hair short to discourage that behavior. He is 17 now and doesn't eat hair. LOL. If I were you I would wear a hat until he grew out of the behavior. Give him things to manipulate to try to replace that behavior.
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