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Why is my 2 1/2 year old son so mad all the time?

My 2 1/2 year old son is starting to scare me.  From the moment that he wakes up in the morning he is angry.  He will hit, slap, scream, punch and scoul at me all of the time.  It started with when he was little and telling him no and he would act as if he didn't hear me at all, so I would spank his bottom lightly and slap his hand if he was into something that would hurt him and he would just keep on doing it.  Then I tried the being super kind and asking him to do thing instead of telling him and that worked for about 2 minutes.  I feel as if all I do is tell him no.  I asked if what like that a daycare and they said that he is exactly opposite.  He helps to put things away, says thank you, and takes a nap when they tell him to, he never did that for me, according to them he is an angel.  Am I the problem?  Some people say that maybe I should see about getting him on medication but I don't want to have a druged child, he's only 2 1/2.  I just don't know what to do anymore.  Please help me!
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No, there's no indication your son needs to be placed on medication. The major variable in this regard is the fact that his behavior problems do not occur across all settings, but are confined to parent-child interactions. My guess is that this will improve when you implement a systematic behavior management plan. You can arrange a consultation with a pediatirc mental health professional to help you with such a plan. Also, take a look at Lynn Clark's book titled SOS: Help for Parents - it will put you on the right track re: behavior management.
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Just to let you know your not alone. I have a 27 month old son that does the same thing it's really driving my crazy. I wish i had a answer for the both of us. If i hear of anything i will let you know. Please you do the same.

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You know I wish when my own son was younger I would of found other methods of dealing with his outbursts and angers, but unfortunately I wasn't given too much of a chance then. I was more or less forced into the issue of meds and such. And now 3 yrs. later, still the same issues and even doctor gives up. A good way to start is when you do dicsipline stick by what you say no matter what kind of fit he throws. Letting him no you are the boss, not him. If that means taking away something he truly enjoys or sending him to his room and his is throwing fits do not give in. And also reward when he does do good. A reward and discipline schedule works with a lot of kids if they can actually see what the incentive is. And having a finding a good support system really helps in those times of real frustration. In my neck of the woods only support I get is through people I've met on the net dealing with same issues. My son is ADHD and ODD and myself I still say bi-polar, but of course doctors don't want to go that route. It's a grin and bear it situation and believe me if I've learned anything these past 3 yrs is a whole lot of toning out during a rage and learning to control my own emotions. NOT an easy task! Lots of luck and feel free to vent at me if need support...addy is peanut71_99***@****
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It was comforting to know there is someone else going thru' the same sorts of problems. My 2 year old is so changeable with his behaviours that I cannot predict what a new day will bring. He is the youngest of 5 children and I cannot remember any of my other children displaying extremes like this. i can only hope at this stage, that good examples from all of us will encourage good imitation of behaviour as he mimics everything else he is learning.I am still frustrated though and feel worried that it will become his nature even when he is older, if that makes sense.
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