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Why is my child using his poop vindictivly

I have been having issues with my sons anger for at least 6 years. He is now almost 10. One of the biggest issues is one he denies and seems to be vindictive in nature. For six years He has wiped one small finger smear of poop on walls. Not just in the bathroom. Won't flush, or poops inappropriately in inappropriate places when he is with me but does not do this with his dad. He has pooped in the middle of my mothers kitchen while angry. Pooped on the stairs that are heavily used while we are visiting family friends at there home. He left his poopy underwear behind the toliet of another friends home. He has pooped in a bag and left it on the floor at the foot of my bed. And once (possibly the first poop surprise other then the smearing) while in trouble and sent to his room he pooped all over his floor.
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Hi there.  Sorry you are dealing with this.  I think that you first need to rule out any medical issue.  Could he have encropsis?  I agree that it seems a bit over the top ----  but I would speak to his doctor about it.  I'd actually call and talk to his doctor first.  Then have him evaluate him medically at an appointment and talk to him.  And if it is deemed that he does not have encropsis which could lead to things that seem behaviorally related but are really medical---- THEN, I would set him up for a psych consult.  He clearly may need some anger management strategies and training and may have resentment and issues going on that a psychiatrist/psychologist need to address and work on with him.  good luck
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