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Why is my son touching me

My son is 15 yrs old he started humping on me around 4 mths back i an very sad confused mad I love my son but this is so wrong in every way since he is already a teenager  I ask him why does he so thise things and he denies doing them or excuses himself that it was accidentally  I don't know what to do since his dad and I are going to court just the thought of a judge telling me to pay child support for him makes me queasy because when I was a small child I was sexually abused by family members and having this my own son wow ita too much to bare honestly I am very sad and don't know how to handle the situation.  He cried and said he was sorry that he didn't want to go w his dad but what was I supposed to do I have a 5 yr old daughter  and I want her well being too I am very sad
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So, ya.  I'd think about a counselor.  A social worker, even.  Obviously a teenager humping on a parent is problematic.  That is, if you are sure what he is doing.  Does he have any developmental issues?  High functioning autism for example? It would be more common with that. I think a social worker who works with families (you and your son both) to discuss how to handle this and boundaries.  We have been to a family social worker and they do a really great job.  Is that something you could consider?  I think through a local children's hospital can be a good place to start.  They normally have counseling centers and can work with you if you don't have insurance. Let me know what you think.  This would be what I do.  
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Seriously, if your son is humping anything but a willing female near his age, as in dating, he needs help.  Your situation doesn't sound great for therapy, but something is going on here and it needs to be dealt with quickly, I would think.  
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I really don't understand why even this is happening honestly I am confused scared if I say something people will think bad I as a single mother never even let them see things they weren't suppose to his attitude started changing when his father got out of prison and somehow it turned out to this child I don't even know it sounds bad I know but I don't what to do I told him about and he said ok I already forgot about and you keep bringing up I don't know what to do honestly I had to send him back to his dad and since his dad and I don't speak I kept quiet  because I am embarrassed  the only one that knows is my 21 yr old son and my mother  
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