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Worried about 11yr old with possible personality disorder.

My son is 11yrs old. He is a non-identical twin to a brother with very mild Autism. Last year we noticed our son begining to have trouble in school to me it seems he may likely have ADD or ADHD. He is very easily distractible and while not overly physically active does seem to be verbally hyper if that makes sense. He is very easy to anger (always has been) and is equally easy to cry over almost nothing, like the sound accidentially being turned off on the t.v. He doesnt have good realtionships with friends as he tends to be a right-fighter.

More concerning is that last week we found out he has been sleeping in his brothers bed because he is afraid to sleep by himself. We tried to remedy this by pushing their beds closer together but he had what I can only describe as a full on panic attack when it was time to go to bed. He was hystercial and shaking and saying he couldnt think straight and was confused. I was so concerned I told him if he couldnt calm down I would have to take him to the hospital. He actually then asked me to take him to the hospital. Finally we allowed him to sleep on the couch and he went right to sleep.

We are so concerned that something may be seriously wrong. After the panic attack the next day I asked him if he could tell me why he is so scared, he said he didnt know. I also asked him if he ever sees or hears things that may not actually be real. He said he did not. Obviously Im worried about Schizophrenia here. He is otherwise a very physically and emotionally affectionate boy who has a good sense of empathy for others and is very intelligent and well spoken. Please help, any advice would be so appreciated.

Thank you.
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These behaviors do not signify schizophrenia but may represent anxiety disorder and this is treatable. You should have him evaluated by a child/adolescent psychiatrist or psychologist.
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By the way, I should have added that he too young to display Personality Disorder (as defined by DSM-IV), but he does not show signs of either Conduct Disorder or Oppositional Defiant Disorder (the pediatric 'versions' of Personality Disorder).
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