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Worried about my Son

I am very concerned about my Son, now he is 10 years old and having behavioral issues in his school. he is taking  medicine for ADHD after visiting to Psychiatrist. Lately he start stealing money from home and also last week some snack from classmate. We are expecting to have a meeting with school head teacher in coming week due to his behaviors. We are doing our best to explain him nicely how to behave but nothing worked so far. I would really appreciate if someone can advice what we should do.
The other issue we are having is some doubt and assumptions that we are going through linked to his condition. when my wife was pregnant to have my son, we were not expected. my wife took pills ( just 2 pills if i remember correctly, probably 6 to 8 week of pregnancy) but it did not work. no word to explain our regrade about what we have done. Now with his behaviors after 10 years, my wife start believing that he is having ADHD and this kind of behaviors 1) because of the medicine he took 2) she was not happy in the begging of pregnancy and reject him. Kindly someone can let us know is there any link to those medicine and his current condition? your response and support will be highly appreciated.
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Hi.  Oh, please do not let your wife or you beat yourselves up.  There isn't a known cause of adhd.  My son has sensory integration disorder which is like adhd (they are both neurological and can look similar, some kids have both) and I have things I wonder . . . did *I* cause this?  They don't know exactly what causes it and we're all doing the best we can.  

Impulsive behavior is an issue with many ADHD kids.  Also with sensory kids like my son. However, my son responds to firm rules.  No touching other people's things did work for my son to keep his hands off.  I know you are trying to be nice, but firm rules with consequences that are reasonable help.  Praise anything good he does as well so he likes that.  I will tell you that I had a friend's son who was always considered adhd turn out to be on the autistic spectrum when they took him to our local Children's Hospital for a full psych evaluation.  He was a freshman in high school and had started a fire in the bathroom.  Ya, it got that bad.  Since getting the correct treatment through the children's hospital, he's on track.  I'm not saying that is what is going on with your son but that you should do a FULL psychiatric evaluation to determine the best things to support him.  We have Children's Hospitals in the US.  Do they have that where you are?  

What type of medication is he taking, what dose and for how long has he been on it?
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Specialmom is correct, there is no known link to having adhd and what your wife did.
You also need to recognize that the adhd meds have a very specific time frame.  They may not be lasting long enough for your child.  Let me know what he is taking and I can tell you how long they should last if he is appropriately dosed.   But, this is important,  a psyc always starts with a low dose and waits for parents to tell him how it is going.   Make sure you communicate to him what is going on!

I have lots of resources on working with adhd kids.  This is a good starting point.  Stay in touch
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Is there any update with your son?  Hope all is well.  
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