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Worried about my third grader boy


    My son 8 years old says he is having fun in school and he has lot of friends. But recently, one of his close friends didn't invite him on his birthday party.  I asked him why, he said this boy doesn't like him anymore. Moreover, whenever I say why don't you call your friend for a playdate over the weekend, he starts crying and say I don't want to invite anyone. I would expect that one should be happy to play with his friends but he really gets overwhelmed when i bring a subject of playdates.

He is athletic, plays lot of sports and get good grades He does get frustrated easily and wants his way all the time. I am concerned that may be he is showing this frustration to his friends and they don't want to be friends with him? How should I find out what's going on? He do go to school everyday happily.

Please suggest what to do?


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Speak with his teachers and the parents of his friends and see what you can learn. Otherwise you are left to speculate and that is not going to be helpful.
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