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Would you complain to school board

My son is now 1:1 at his school due to behavioral issues.  They are attempting now to integrate him back into the classroom.  THey young man who is with him all the time says that the time when he was in the old class with the teacher, the teacher ignored my son a lot.  Now she is very short with him when she sees him.  this is very hurtful to me.  One time in the class he told the teacher he was going to kill her and it was reported to me at that point, that her face dropped and she said "I'm done".  My son is five.  It doesn't seem very professional way to act.  Then in the emails towards the end of that time, she was very short with me in her responses, like she had lost all patience, I know he has tested her patience, etc.  I realize teaching is a hard job.  She seemed to have lost all compassion toward us.

At the beginning of the year, she suggested that we take him out of kindergarten and put him back in preschool or daycare.  Then he started to do so much better and so we kept on.  Then in late Nov, things started going south again.  My son started acting out more and more each day.  

My babysitter picked up my son one day and she was talking to this teacher and a child came up to her and she told them "go away".  She will be nice to your face, but I wonder if that is truly her.  
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also more to it that I forgot to add, now when my son sees his old class he hides from them.  He doesn't want to see them.  They are trying to integrate him back into a classroom setting, but he is anxiuos now about it.  

Then around Valentine's Day she sent out an email of who to send Valentine's too and my son's name was absent. I told the learnign spec. and she made her aware.  She never apologized.  

I don't know, but I hate that this is his first teacher in school.  Needless to say, kindergarten has been a rough year.
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Read my answer to you in the ADHD forum - and  ya, it has been a tough year for both of you.
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I know you've been through a lot with him this first year.

Have you talked to the teacher and principal about getting him placed in a different mainstream classroom?  There are teachers who  are more tolerant of rowdy boy behavior,  and teachers who are less tolerant,  and she sounds like one of them.  

I would write a letter to the principal and pick out two other teachers,  and say you think his best chances of success would be in reintegrating with a fresh start,  with the ability to begin anew with a different classroom setting.  Make it positive.  All about him getting a fresh start,  not about the friction from the prior teacher.  You might even put in the letter that I think Ms. Soandso would probably agree that he might do better starting clean in a different class where he didn't have a history and routine of disruptive behaviors.    And CC it to her.  

Sucking up works.  The goal here,  is to get him into a positive setting with a more affectionate teacher,  and this will probably do it.  

Best wishes.
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Oh,  sorry,  I meant to answer your title question.

No,  complaining to the school board is for issues of procedure.  For example,  if you ask for your son to be moved to a different classroom and are flatly told no, you can go to the school board and ask for a policy decision on whether children with documented difficulty behaving in a classroom can have a chance to switch classroom settings to a different teacher.

A school board won't listen to a case that is very individual and doesn't really impact policy.
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I meant like calling the county office and complaining.
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He is not going back into her classroom.  From the very beginnign it was a strained relationship between the two.  I just want him to be back into the classroom, but he is very anxious about it.  Understandibly so.
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Good that he's going to another classroom.

It doesn't sound like the first teacher was a good match,  but the school is spending a lot of time and effort to try to have him succeed,  - one on one staffing is extremely expensive and only used rarely - so hopefully he will be able to do better in his next class.
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She, as a teacher of 5 years olds should never say she gives up!  She needs to find another line of work. Thats awlful young to have a TEACHER say she gives up. Sorry this subject fires me up. My highschool daughter at the time, was told she was stupid by a teacher. Guess what ,my daughter just started her Highschool english teaching job this yr after finishing college at the top of her class! My Mom was also a principal for 40 yrs and i have two bothers who teach and coach. Some teachers don't un derstand the meaning of the word TEACHER.Im done preaching. Just take it slow take ur little man.Good luck
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Yes, I don't think kindergarten is her cup of tea.  She did 4th grade prior.
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