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abnormal EEG

the ped. nuerologist impression was focal epi;eptiform discharges arising from the right posterior quadrant maximal over the P6 derivation. The morphology and age of the patient may suggest benign epilepsy variant of childhood; however clinical correlation is suggested. There was recording of stages I and II sleep with increased firing frequency of the right posterior quadrant maximal, focal sharp discharges with repetitive discharges occuring in trains lasting up to 2 to 4 sec, but not accompanying clinical seizures. They have started him on Trileptol, and is scheduled for a sedated MRI. He has stare spells, wich they are telling me are petit mal seizures. i dont witness these everyday, but seems as tho, when i do notice, i notice alot of them in one day! He also takes several allergy medicines, and is asthmatic. His asthma symptoms are trigered by mucas formation, and chest congestion. he is only 5 and they do say he may grow out of this. He has been taking 150 mg 2x daily for 2 days now, i have noticed he is more sleepy, but is still active and energetic. Prior to the EEG he has been seeing a counselor, because i thought he may be ADD or ADHD, he has serious listening issues, and short term memory issues. The counselor said she would not diagnose him as ADD or ADHD, now we know why, is it true he may grow out of this, is there an undelying cause related to the asthma or allergy medications? All of my son issues with listening, and behavior changed when we moved to texas and he started taking all these meds as preventive measures for the asthma. Is it also true that the abnormal brain waves, or absence seizures could be related to cardiac and endocrine causes, and also glucose level? He has such a craving for sugar, one of something is never enough, if he doesnt have any usually he is fine, but some days he is really looking for something sweet, and one isnt enough, he is like a pheen, but not all the time? Concerned parent, and not excepting, We may never know the cause!"

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What made you get him tested for a eeg in the first place?
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