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abnormal eeg and football

My 10 year old stepson just had an EEG performed and the doctor said it was abnormal, but not so abnormal that he needs to be on medication.  He got the EEG due to having recurrent severe headaches.  His father has a family history of epilepsy.  
My question is: should he be playing football?  

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My question is "what do they mean by abnormal, but not so abnormal?"  Did they give you a diagnosis on his headaches?  What is abnormal and how can this affect him?  Is this abnormality what is causing his headaches?  Are they only speaking seizure wise?  Sorry for all the questions, but it doesn't sound like they gave you a direct answer, which you deserve.  Nor does it sound like they have resolved any issues.  I would want to know exactly what is "abnormal," will it get worse, etc.  Until you know exactly what they found, you can't make a decision, plus this decision needs to be made by his Neurologist. Good luck to you and take care.
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I had absence seizures and a few grand mals for about twenty years.  I had brain surgery six years ago to treat this.  Since then, I haven't had any 'normal' seizures.  However, my EEG is still abnormal and when it is showing seizure-like activity, I have a bad headache.  I tried various medications for my seizures over the years and they just made it to where I was really out of it and still having some seizures.  That is why I asked about and went ahead with the surgery.  I don't think I would go with medication for your stepson either.  As far as football goes...I would avoid it as a precautionary measure.  I don't think the running, etc. would cause a problem but since concussions are likely and he already has some head issues, I wouldn't do it.  You don't want him to get a concussion and start having full-blown 'normal' seizures as a result.
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