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adah,odd,ocd,mood disorder,

My eleven year old son has adah,odd, ocd, mood disorder, & motor
tics. We have seen phychologists,therapists, and phychiatrists.
He is currently on three tablets of clondine daily. I can't see any difference in his behavior being on clondine.  The drugs that seemed to help were discontinued because his motor tics became severe. The drugs we've tried:  short-term, time-released, generic and brand ritalin, adderall, concerta, dexadrine, zyprexa, depakote, zoloft.  I feel like we up against a wall and no ones knows what to do.  His current pychiatrist says she doesn't know what else to try so I should go somewhere else.  The three remaining pychiatrists in our city aren't accepting new patients.

My question, do you know of a drug that could possibly help this child with his hostile, beligerent, abherrant, raging, out-of-control behavior?

He has been pschologically evaluated and he spent time in a psychiatric hospital. The evaluation has done nothing for him.  His therapist said get a label for him then we can help.  Well, that was five months ago and we're on her waiting list for an appointment so she can "help" him.  The hospital was a joke.  It turned out to be a holding tank.  An expensive holding tank. I already know what I'm dealing with, I need an effective medicine for this child!
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If the multiple psychiatric diagnoses are correct, it could well be that he requires at least a non-stimulant medication (such as Straterra) to treat the ADHD, a mood stabilizer to treat the Bipolar Disorder (and the mood stabilizer could well address his angry, volatile behavior - it is part of stabilizing the mood) and perhaps an antidepressant medication (such as Prozac). Depending on the degree of unrest/volatility, he may require an anti-psychotic medication (his Zyprexa is an example of one such medication, and there are other choices). All in all, he apparently displays a number of biologically-based emotional disorders and, because they are biologically-based, they require medication as part of the treatment plan. There are certainly options within each of the classes of medications, and the priority probably should be placed on diminishing the angry, volatile behavior I'm assuming he displays. Don't give up on seeking help - conditions such as those he displays require professional help. It's just not a simple matter to determine a sound pharmacological plan for a child with so many conditions (including the tic disorder).
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Sounds like you have your hands full.  Not so much with your child, but with doctors who think a child's brain is just a chemistry experiment.  I'm apalled that medicating children is so prevailent among these threads.  So, now among all the other problems your child has, he now has "tics"? and the doctor wants to recommend a drug for that also?  Unbelievable.  Hello, has anyone ever though that the "tic" just might be a side affect? I just hope you find the answers you're looking for BEFORE your child becomes a vegetable.

Hey, Doc, Do you have anything in your magic bag for people who ask too many questions?  Anything for someone like me who has a compulsion to put 2 packets of sweet and low in his morning coffee?  If so, hook me up...I'm insured.
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