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my son is  will be 4 next month.he is very hyper he doesnt sleep much we took him to a specialist in nashvile she said he had adhd but because of his age she couldnt write that down as a diagnosis until he was 5 or 6.and she couldnt give him anything becaus he was young and the side effects are bad longer they are on these drugs to control adhd.he also may have a  autism spectrum disorder.so what im askin is..is there any body else wo has achild this age with adhd or a autism spectrum disorder and what are  doing and what kind of help are u receving.im so lost thisis so much to take inat one time  dont know nothing much about either or what todo.any advice please feel free.than you
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Relative to the ADHD, you receievd good advice - it does generally make sense to wait and see how development proceeds. I do disagree with the comment about the side effects of the medication. The medications can be used for long periods of time without long-term side effects. However, with very young children the preference is to wait and see what maturation brings over the next couple of years. The situation is made very much more complicated if there is an autism-spectrum condition. This has implications for special services in school, so it should be evaluated very carefully.
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