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My 5 yr old's teacher, school counselor and pediatrician feel that I need to have him tested for ADHD due to not being able to focus and impulsiveness.  If I do have him tested and he is diagnosed with ADHD what will this do to him being allowed to continue in his regular ED classes. What are the Legal responsibilities of the school and what are they required to furnish for my 5 yr old in the classroom? I am really concerned about the legal ramifications, not being able to get services, and him being lableled in the system.Please advise accordingly.
I would also, like to know what you think about Neurotherapy/neurofeedback.
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  You can get a lot of those questions answered in detail in,  "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley.  
   If you get him tested, it is always your choice to have him enrolled in the Special ED program.  An IEP will be written that will try  to give ways that will help him succeed in the classroom.  This can mean more time on tests, homework, etc.  It also means he cannot be suspended for anything mentioned on his IEP.   In general being "lableled in the system" is a good thing as it protects him.
   When you refer to  Neurotherapy/neurofeedback ,  if you are talking about EEG Biofeedback - this site seems to like it - http://www.healing-arts.org/children/ADHD/biofeedback.htm#ADHD .    This site also a a ton of good information that you might want to read.       If you have other questions, I monitor the ADHD forum more frequently and would certainly see your post there.  Best wishes.
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Thanks!!!! The web address was very informative and answered a lot of the questions I had about the overall benefits and to what extent based on different tests (ie) the T.O.V.A.R.  I am seriously considering the Neurofeedback/EEG biofeedback/ neurotherapy for my 5yr. old This has been the most beneficial information yet and it also allowed me to research my local area for Neurofeedback centers; which was interesting because one was a University close to where I live.  I had already found a neurologist that I was considering meeting with to start the process but would like to have another facility to  interview and decide from that point which would be best suited for our needs at this time.Thank you sooo much!
Blessings-Payton 76244    
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  Your welcome!  Do write back and let us know how it all works out!
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