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am i doing the right thing?

right now my children are with their dad, and when there with their dad they spend 95% of the time at their grandmas.including one  30 year old looser uncle lives there and has always been oddly obsessed with my son, another uncle and his wife(their auntie) and 3 cousins.
this week he calls me which is unusual and says something has been going on.
what was said was apparently a couple months ago her grandma noticed her privates were a little red,so she seen a pediatrician and the dr said she didnt have a uti, to make sure she rinsed really well and no soap was left behind and clean panties...when they got home my daughter told her father that her 10 year old make cousin had been touching her down there for quite awhile.
he asked her brother who is 8 if he knew about this and he said yes .
since this situation my son has spent all week at his grandmas where the cousin accused lives (the 10yr old, a 8yr old and 5yr old).
my daughter told me shes not aloud to her go to her grandmas if her cousins are there and her brother told me if she goes there he'' have to beat the cousin up. i havent brought the situation up to my kids in anyway.  and the mother of the boy( my ex sister in law) didnt say anything about this to me, and even after asking she hasnt gotten back to me. the father hasnt mentioned it again not at all.
on  dec 6th 2016 my house caught on fire and my kids and i woke up to it at 3am,my ex drove 4 hours,went to my children school withdrew them without anyone ever calling t0 notify me, went to red cross to get $250 they give victims who lost everything in a fire , drove back and then called me.
his only reason was because i didnt have a job to support them and am on calworks and he has to pay a measly $75 to child support.
i already tried going to the police station where he lives to help in a child exchange and couldnt be assisted.
hes been in contempt of court for almost 2years by refusing to give me his home address and recently moved to a new address and still refuses.
while my son is at his grandparent through the school week he doesnt allow them to talk to me , and i have no idea why.
im going to the court house tomorrow to pay for an ex party hearing requesting an law enforcement be forced to assist me getting my kids from him. im the custodial parent and he is interferring with my parental rights.
am i diong the right thing
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I'm having a little trouble following the specific details,  and don't know how old your daughter is or where she stays while all the other kids are at grandma's 95% of the time (where does she go when Dad works?) but yes,  I think going to the court to request assistance is the way to solve this.  If he has parental rights also,  it's not necessarily a crime that he has his children, so that's probably why Law Enforcement isn't getting involved yet.
She is 5yrs old and she is with her dads fiance when he's at work
Were you able to get the ex parte hearing?
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Our number one job is protecting our kids.  Yes, you are doing the right thing.  I'd not be comfortable at all with this situation and you will need to work with the court to protect your child. (children, really.) good luck
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Get your kids out of that situation. Your children are being molested so please , save them now before it causes psicológical damages. Please
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This sounds like a situation that would really be best off if you had an attorney representing you. Unfortunately the family court system favors attorneys over parents, and with such serious concerns I highly recommend doing whatever you need to in order to retain an attorney.
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